Hey there!

This About section is as much About Me as it is About this Site; in fact, more so about the latter. If you want to know about me, read my autobiography Glitch-22: A Memoir to be published in the year 2038. Till then, here is a list of my social media accounts where you can follow, befriend, connect, collaborate and troll me.

I bet for a moment you thought this About section took an interesting turn, didn't you? Well, sorry to disappoint but it's just an ordinary account of some extra-ordinary nonsense.

Content References & Inspirations

The stuff that helped me give attention to details and a personal touch to this site.

Elon Musk
The philosophy, attitude and purpose behind quite a lot of things on this site and my life, in general, are a derivation in progress from this real life Tony Stark.
The category descriptions in the home page are all lyrical references to this musical phenomenon called Hamilton.
The Bucket List
Thanks to this wonderful movie for popularizing the term that inspires creating lists such as this one.
Christopher Hitchens
A mock reference at the start to this great man's autobiography Hitch-22: A Memoir. Also it's sitting pretty high on my reading list; haven't read it yet.

Stuff That Helped

PS: The thought behind this site is to put myself out there by making my aspirations, goals and actions public. I'm hoping this would result in me being more accountable and active towards my duty as a human looking to make this world a better place. Here's to celebrating this complex, beautiful and shockingly short chemical reaction called life!