The Bucket List

The whole thinking behind the concept of a bucket list is to create a list of challenging goals. I've gone one step further to also create a list of impossible goals. Check 'em out!


  • Coldplay Concert This seems very likely.
  • Laughters Develop an original comedy standup routine and perform in front of an audience. And most importantly, make them laugh.
  • Work For Elon Musk I would love to work for the man. If not, there's nothing stopping me from working for his vision.
  • Glitch-22: A Memoir Hope to live an interesting enough life by 2038 to eventually be able to write an autobiography.


  • Pink Floyd Concert Since not every member of the band is alive, technically there can't ever be a "Pink Floyd" concert.
  • Go To Mars I've put this in this list as a challenge to SpaceX. Build that rocket if you can!